Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extreme Couponing Thoughts

Have you seen TLC's newest show?

If not, let me give you the quick summary....picture going to your local grocery story and spending 3 hours shopping for groceries...which include 64 bottles of mustard for example...then spending 5 hours checking out your $1000.00 order but only paying $5.00 for it after you enter all of our coupons.....That in a nut shell is Extreme Couponing. I am fixated on this show, but can't decide if it is fixation in admiration or horror. I mean, saving 98% on your grocery bill...ADMIRATION... Taking your toddler and pregnant friend dumpster diving for coupons....


Being able to donate almost 300lbs of food to a local food pantry....ADMIRATION!!

Having a stockpile that takes up all of the room in your house, feeding you family lots of processed foods, and wasting food....HORROR!!

The jury is still out for me...what is your verdict on Extreme Couponing?

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