Friday, January 15, 2010

Big C's 2 Year Stats

Ok, so this post is a little over due, but I needed to document his stats before I forget...I blame it on the pregnancy brain! Big C is 29 lbs which puts him in the 55th percentile for weight. He is 34.5 inches tall which puts him into the 75th percentile for weight. Currently, he has been fighting a sinus infection, but other wise is a completely healthy child! His pediatrician was amazed that in two years he has only ever been on ONE prescription!

What's Big C up to now? Well, first and fore most.....TALKING!! Here are a few phrases and words that we hear most often:
  • After shooting any ball into the basketball net..."SCORE!" or "missed" depending on if he made it or not.
  • "Papa stinks", "Da-deee sticks", "San-san stinks"...etc. etc.
  • "Da-dee, Da-dee.....Da-dee's TRUCK!"
  • "Ma-ma's car go 'night 'night in the gar-age".
  • "Moooo! Cow's go 'night 'night in the bar-ren."
  • "Co-yin!! Where're yewe?!" Collin, Where are you?
  • Big C can count from 1-6 on his own...however he sometimes forgets the number 5.
  • Big C recognizes 10 colors: red, blue, yellow (ye-yo), green, brown, black, white, purple, pink, and orange.
  • "Where Da-dee at? Da-dee at cool."
  • "Wuv ewe Mom" ...aka...Love you Mom
  • "Peeeeeaaase" Please "Tank ewe" Thank you (Sometimes he adds thank you man, thank you Mom, thank you lady, etc...the kids a comedian!)
  • Big C can name all Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters along with the characters on Handy Manny.
  • Big C can almost all the way undress himself, shirts are still a little hard for him.
  • He is such a great help! He helps to take the dishes out from the dishwasher and hands them to me to put away.
  • He puts the clothes from the washer into the dryer after I hand them to him.
  • Big C has mastered many different facial expressions, including how to wink and raise one eyebrow at a time...something neither Curt nor I can do!

Big C has continued to be a blessing in our lives! We fall more and more in love with him every day and can not wait to see what a wonderful big brother he will be to Baby C!

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