Monday, September 21, 2009

All Aboard!!

Saturday, our family visited the Indiana Transportation Museum with Aunt Stacy, Uncle Adam, Collin, Oliver, Grammy, and Papa. Collin has a severe obsession with, sit in front of the TV and watch a 2 hour documentary on how steam engines were made ...OBSESSION! We were so excited to go and see his reaction to the trains, and he did not disappoint!

After touring the Museum...which was different trains to walk through, we took a 45 minute train ride to dinner and then another return train ride home. We saw LOTS of these:
Aunt Stacy bought Collin and Big C matching "Engineer in Training" t-shirts and Grammy bought them the cutest conductor hats. Big C loved following his cousin around. He didn't really understand the trains, but thought that it must be pretty cool since Collin was so excited.

Take a good won't see many pregger pictures of me! (Here I am almost 20 weeks with the husband...and no, we didn't plan to match, but it actually happens a lot.)

Aunt Stacy and Collin sitting by the window waiting for our train ride to start. Uncle Adam holding baby Oliver...who is looking more and more like Collin when he was a baby.
Big C loved the train, but after 15 minutes, he did something to do. Papa's lap was the perfect place to look at books. However, once he realized that he could walk on the train while it was moving we ended up chasing him up and down the aisle.

By the time we got home, we were all dirty, tired, full bellies, but extremely happy. Thank you Aunt Stacy for inviting us! We had a great time!

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