Wednesday, February 5, 2014

School Time with Lacey: Post Its

I try to mix up activities to do with Lacey during our school time.  Especially since we are having to stay inside, she has alot of energy to burn along with her getting bored with the same activities.  One of her favorite activities we do actually didn't cost me any money, helps get her energy out and keeps her occupied, and she learns!  All we need is this:

There are so many different ideas to do with them!   I try to mix it up so she doesn't get bored.  I sometimes write letters of numbers on them and have her put them in order.  Only, instead of having her sit and move the papers in order, I have her moving the post its from one place to the next to order them..

This not only helps her learn, but she gets some of her energy out as well.  This is great when I'm making lunch for her or cleaning the kitchen.  I put the post its on one side of the kitchen mixed up and she has to walk them over to the other side to put them in order.   On this day, she was ordering numbers 1-15.   To help with number recognition, I leave the post its and wait.  When the post it falls, as they will, she runs over to it, shouts out the number/letter and has to put it back in the correct order...I'm using her OCD to help her learn! Ha! 

 On days where I need to fold laundry or when I'm doing exercises with CJ,  I have Lacey "hunt and search" for the post its. I'll hide them in another room of the house and she has to run and find them all, then put them in order.  This gets out even more of her energy along with keeping her occupied so I can get some work done.  The trick is to make sure YOU remember how many post its you hid! For younger kiddos, you could have them hunt and search for the post-its with shapes or even the post-its with their names on it.  When Lacey was learning how to spell her name, I would hid post-its with the letters of her name and she would have to find them and then put them in the correct order to spell her name. Its almost like Easter egg hunting, but with post its.  Learning! Exercise! Fun! 
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