Saturday, February 8, 2014

Date Day: Mommy/Daughter

Lacey and I had a special Mommy-Daughter date today. When I was gone in the hospital, it effected her much more roughly than I could have ever imagined. While it was the very best decision and I don't regret it for one second, I still harbor guilty feelings over leaving Clayton and especially Lacey. Lacey stays home with me now, but she never gets my full attention. On the weekends when Curt is home, I like to take Lacey to do special activities. Curt stays home with our boys and Lacey gets much needed undivided attention from her Mommy, who totally adores her. Last weekend we saw the Disney movie Frozen...LOVE, we've been singing the songs all week...this weekend was a nail salon date. 

     She was so excited! She waited so very patiently, holding on to the nail polish she chose...

which, if you know Lacey, she chose...

I was so proud of how still she sat and how patient she was while her nails were painted. 

She was so in love with her nails and felt like such a big girl. Oh, my baby girl is can this be!?!?

"Oh Mommy, my nails are so booty-ful! I just love them so!"

Since we don't get out of the house much with CJ unless it is a doctor's appointment or speech therapy, we decided to go into Starbucks. A drink for me and a cake pop for Lacey....and one for her big brother at home.  Once the barista saw how well behaved Lacey was, he made her a mini-chocolate chip frappacino. She was obsessed with it! 

She and I had the BEST time together. 

She is wild. She is loud. She hugs and kisses often. She loves fully.  I'm so proud to be her Mom. 

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