Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

   Yesterday CJ had his Pulmonary check up at Riley Hospital. He is a weighing in at 11.10 pounds and 24 1/2 inches long. He is in the 30th % for weight and the 87% for height. He continues to be growing well! 

    The best possible news we could have gotten was that we could continue to wean CJ off of his oxygen. He was weaned down from a .50 flow to a .25 flow at his appointment in January.  At this appointment, we were so blessed to find out that his lungs are continuing to grow and improve and we are able to wean him down in his oxygen again! He is able to come OFF of his oxygen and monitor during the day, but must be in them at night. This is the BEST news! As soon as I got him home this happened...

OFF came the monitor! OFF came the oxygen! ON came the smiles from our miracle baby! 

He kept touching his face trying to figure out what was missing! No love lost in the missing cannula! 

After a little mini photo shoot...under 100 photos taken...I took my baby for a walk...cord free for the first time ever. I was only able to take 10 steps until I had tears streaming down my face. Simpley picking him up, not having to worry of there was enough slack in the oxygen cord, if the cord is tangled, of the cord is just GET UP and WALK AROUND ?!? So simple, yet such a huge milestone accomplishment. 

I then spent the next 2 hours of just walking around with him...crying tears of utter joy...walking up and down the stairs...smiling like a crazy lunatic...walking in circles...crying some more...walking in closets/bathrooms and closing doors. 
  It's amazing to not have a 57 foot cable trailing around behind us or carrying a mobile  oxygen tank. Seeing this cannula hanging on the tank still gets my teary eyed. 7 months ago we were told that having an abortion would be the best...but we never even entertained that idea. 

We never gave up on our baby. We were already so in love with him that "giving up" on him was never an option. He was ours, no matter what and was going to be loved and cared for to the fullest and best of our abilities.  We never dreamed how well he would be doing...we just celebrate every little thing he is able to do because after all, despite all the odds stacked up against him... 


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  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! I continue to keep you, CJ, and your family, in my prayers. May the blessing and milestones keep coming your way!