Thursday, January 23, 2014

Little Bit of This and That

I'm so blessed to get to be able to stay home with all 44 pounds of these snuggle bugs! 

In between daily scrubbing of the house...bleach is my new perfume during this RSV season...and Lacey's school time...

Little CJ still gets his snuggles! 

Clayton is still loving Kindergarten! He had his first school project. For the up coming 100th day of school, he was supposed to bring in 100 items...his choosing. Well, it only made sense that he chose...

100 pictures of WWE wrestlers! He is obsessed...I blame his father. 

CJ got his second round of the RSV shot this week. After seeing all he has gone through in his short life, getting a shot is the least invasive. Yes, he does cry, but as soon as I pick him up and snuggle him, he quiets right down. He is in the double digits for his weight..10.5 pounds!  CJ also had his Pulmonay appointment at Riley. His lungs sound great! We are starting the process of weaning him off of his oxygen. He is now down to a flow of .25 (from .50). During the day, as long as someone is near him he can be off of the heart rate/apnea monitor. One less cord to carry around! At his next appointment, we are hoping to wean him off more...which would be no oxygen during the day and only on it at night...WHOA! He has been doing well on the .25 liter...prayers this continues! 

I can't wait to hold my baby for the first time without any cords!! 

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