Monday, May 23, 2011


This weekend, I was excited to get to spend some girl time with my Mom and sister. We were going to go get "mani/pedis" and then do a little shopping. If you know me, you know that even though I love to hang out with friends and have some time away from the kids, I thoroughly enjoy being with my children and don't like to be away from them for very long. As our 'girl time' was nearing on 4 hours of being away from my little ones, I was starting to get anxious to get back home to them.
On the way home, my wonderful husband calls me to tell me I have one more birthday present that is outside. He wanted me to be blind folded so that I wouldn't see it since Big C had something to give to me inside the house first. Not wanting to disappoint Big C or my husband, I willingly put on the blind fold. My sister and Mom guided me into the front door where they took off my blind fold and yelled SURPRISE!!!!
My wonderful, amazing husband organized, planned, and brilliantly executed a surprise 28th birthday party for me along with 50 of our closest family and friends. Yes, I was completely surprised...which I think shocked is the better word! I was so surprised that I didn't even take any pictures during the evening....which I usually carry my camera on my where ever I go for surprise moments like ironic! The pictures I did take were from the remenants of the party the next day, which there aren't many because my wonderful, amazing, brilliant, and caring husband CLEANED up during and after the party so we didn't wake up to a party mess!!

These are the candles that were on my HUGE cake! I had mentioned to hubby that on my actual birthday, I didn't have cake and no one sang to me. I was all little bummed. However, it worked into his plan because as soon as I walked in, everyone sang 'Happy Birthday'...

...and there was CAKE!!!! (and special red velvet ice cream for me!)

Hubby has been planning this surprise party for over 2 months...I'm still in shock and disbelief! He got all of my close friends' phone numbers and addresses to send them text messages to coordinate. He also had my wonderful, amazing friend Betsy help him by making these adorable invitations to mail out...real paper invites, not evites...I'm so impressed!

Left over pop/soda from the evening...along with adult beverages, but there were no left overs!

I have never felt so utterly flabbergasted to the point where I was speechless before or overwhelmed with all of the love. I am truly honored to have so many take time out of their lives to celebrate my birthday. Thank truly to all of my family and friends for making me feel so special and blessed. I love you all!

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  1. What a wonderful surprise! You have an amazing hubby, and you are definitely well loved by many. Happy Birthday.