Saturday, May 31, 2014

CJ at 8 Months Old

Yes, this post is long over due...but at least it is posted before he turns 9 months 9 days!  CJ turned 8 months old on May 9th and if this face doesn't describe it all...

Our happy happy happy baby has been fussy, fussy, fussy! 

Of course, you would be too if your gums looked like raw hamburger meat and you had not 1...not 2...not 3...but FOUR teeth trying to come in all at the same time! 

Anything near his little mouth is up for grabs...literally, he grabs at be chewed on. 

Notice what happened to my camera strap when it hung a little too close to him...yep, straight in his mouth! 

No teeth have popped in yet, but both of his I-teeth have popped up. Soon...hopefully soon!

CJ is a total of 16.4 pounds and 27 1/2 inches long....tall and lean as his pediatrician calls him.  He is cooing and talking more and more which is the cutest thing ever!  Sometimes, when he is really having a good time he lets out squeals and then laughs at himself. 

He can balance for a few seconds on his own to sit up, but quickly tumbles to the side.  He has started bouncing in his exersaucer and will bounce on command when we cheer for him.  CJ's loves his feet. You can usually find him with his feet straight up in the air...or like this...

CJ's diet consists of baby food, breast milk, dissolvable rice husks, and some "real people" food.  He is eating about 16 ounces of baby food a day, nursing 4-5 times a day, and trying different soft real food.  So far he has eaten bread, cinnamon rolls, and pancakes.  The pancakes were by far his favorite, especially with a little syrup on them. 

CJ still sleeps hooked up to an apnea/ heart rate monitor at night.  He has been alarm free since January 8th.  Sometimes I think that the monitor is more for me now than him.  He sleeps in his crib, in his own room.  CJ usually goes to sleep around 8:30 pm and wakes between 6:00-6:30am.  He is down to only two naps during the day, a brief mid morning nap and a longer afternoon nap. 

Now that RSV season is over, he has been able to go more places than just home and the doctors' offices.  He is a regular at the baseball diamonds watching his siblings play Tball, he has been to a couple of restaurants, a few stores, and visited his Daddy and brother at their schools. CJ LOVES to be outdoors.  He is such a good baby to take out in public, sometimes I forget just how little he is because he is so well behaved.  We are planning one VERY important trip coming visit our dear friends, CJ's NICU Mommies. 

This little baby boy has been melteing my heart from the first time I felt him move in my belly.... 

It is truly an honor to be his Mom. 
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