Friday, May 30, 2014


Once May started, Tball started.  Both Clayton and Lacey are playing this year.  That means that Monday -Thursday you can find us at the ball diamonds.
    Lacey is playing Tball for the first time this year. She is on the Royals with 7 other 3-4 year olds.

Our little princess is bringing her personality to the game... complete with pink...

...and a little bit of dancing around the bases...

No one can say that our girl doesn't have any fun...and hits a few balls every now and then...

We sure are proud of her! 

Clayton is our Tball pro...third and last season playing Tball.

Next year, he'll join the older kids for a more competitive baseball season. 

 While he has had fun this season getting to know his teammates...

He is definitely ready for the challenge.  

We are super proud of him!  

As for CJ...well...

He is Clayton and Lacey's 

He watches them intently, tracking their every move...

We are so proud of him! 

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