Monday, June 2, 2014

Clayton's Kindergarten Graduation

Our oldest son, Clayton, graduated from Kindergarten today.  Today was bittersweet.  I am beyond proud of him.... to the point of BURSTING with pride with joy...but I also mourn the days of him as a baby, a toddler.   Clayton has had to mature a little more quickly than most this year with me being practically MIA for the first semester of his school year since I was in the hospital with CJ and then at the hospital when CJ was in the NICU.  He has surpassed any expectation or dreams I had for him and I couldn't be more proud to be his mother.    Today I as I took his last day of school picture, holding CJ who was trying to eat the camera, I couldn't believe how far we have come in the 180 days since I took his beginning of school picture...when CJ was still in my stomach.  Clayton's first day of school I begged Curt to let me take his pictures, which meant I had to get out of bed from my strict bed rest to try and remain pregnant.  I'm so glad I was able to take his pictures...he has changed so much!

    First Day of Kindergarten                                              Last Day of Kindergarten                                          

       Kindergarten: Day 1                                                     Kindergarten Day 180

 Lacey, CJ, and I went to school for Clayton's award ceremonies.  Curt was able to briefly come to watch Clayton get an award in front of the whole Kindergarten thru third graders.   Clayton was the only Kindergarten student to achieve perfect attendance for the entire year.   Our school's principal gave a small insight into just how big of an accomplishment this was for Clayton with so much of our personal life in disarray.  Clayton came to school every day, never late, always with a positive attitude.  Sure there were times when he broke down in tears, needing a little reassurance that everything was ok, or just a quick hug because he was missing his mom who had been in the hospital for almost 2 months...but he was there.  Curt and I consider this a huge accomplishment for Clayton, but also for us.  It wasn't easy to get him to school, but it was important to us that Clayton how important  going to school to learn was for him and his future.   Both Curt and I got emotional during this award because an attendance award, especially at a young age, is a whole family commitment.  WE are a family that is committed to each other.

We then went back in Clayton's classroom for class awards. 

Clayton had two special ladies who made his Kindergarten experience so wonderful.  

Clayton loved Mrs. Tobias, the Kindergarten aide. 

Mrs. Joseph was Clayton's Kindergarten teacher.  She was PERFECT for Clayton.  She gave Clayton the right amount of affection that he needed to get him through the tough times.  Mrs. Joseph taught him more than just academics, she showed him how learning is fun and rewarding. She has helped to instill in him motivation to always do his best.  Clayton simply adores her! 

I am beyond excited to spend the next few months with my 3 little loves...wish summer could last forever! 

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