Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Discussion

Today I had "The Discussion" with CJ's NICU team. We discussed taking our little miracle home...
Home. He is 79 days old...4 days away from his due date...and he has never been home.  CJ has never met his brother or sister. Curt and I have never went to bed and woke up with our baby. 

 Bringing him home feels like a dream. He wasn't supposed to make it, to live. But he did, and he is. 
We will finally be bringing our miracle baby home. 

I am excited, relieved, and terrified. 

  He will be coming home on oxygen (after a trial run without O2, he began to desat and it was replaced) and with a feeding tube. He'll be hooked up to a monitor to alert us if his heart gets too high or too low or if he stops breathing. Curt and I must receive training on how to take care of all of his equipment and placing/replacing his feeding tube in the event he pulls it out...which he sometimes tends to do. 

My miracle is coming home. 

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