Monday, July 7, 2014

Pictorial Update

We've been super busy having super amounts of summer fun!

Clayton's been busy with swimming.....and losing teeth!  Clayton has learned how to swim across the pool underwater and jump off of the diving board and swim to the side.

CJ has been experiencing the "outside" for the first time.  He got to swim for his first time and loved it!

Although, all of the stimulus sure does tire him out quickly.

Lacey won't get out of the pool...even when she is shivering and her lips are turning blue! She has learned to hold her breath longer underwater is learning to swim underwater as well.  She loves wearing the goggles and looking at everything underwater.

The kids have been hanging out with friends and family and LOVING every minute of it!

We've been working on our tan...some parts of our bodies more than others...

We celebrated Lacey's one year post-op surgery from having her PDA fixed.  She is healthy and usually happy...God sure is amazing and GREAT! 

I've been so spoiled having all day with all THREE of my children.  CJ has been blossoming over the summer...and eating everything in sight!

We ripped out the carpet in our family room and put down wood flooring...we LOVE the new floor, the dogs not so much.

I've been stocking up on my snuggles with CJ since I'll be returning to teaching at the end of this month.  I'm sure going to miss being able to snuggle him whenever I want, but I'm so thankful to have had the year off with him and to return to such an amazing staff!

The kids got to experience their first horse races.  Clayton got to blow the trumpet to announce the horses on the track.  I think I was more excited that he got to do this than he was...but boy did Clayton love the betting of the races!

CJ loved the people watching...

Next up, a post from our super fun 4th of July!
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