Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CJ's Birth Story: Part 2-Delivery

    When I ended the first part, I was put in magnesium sulfate to try and stop the contractions that were occurring every 2-4 minutes. On a rate of 1-10 in the pain scale...with a 10 being in te worst possible pain, I was at a 3-4. I was on the mag for about 2.5 hours. During this time, the doctor was contacting the high risk doctor who had done my ultrasound a week and a half ago to discuss the risks of delivering this early, at 28.2 weeks. During this wait time, my nurse was being proactive at getting things ready for a possible C-section. The last thing anybody wanted was to be in an emergency situation. My wonderful nurse was getting everything ready so that we could all stay as calm as possible. When she wasn't in the room prepping, it was nice to have Curt with me to help calm my nerves and have his support. He does a great job of outting his feelings aside to be supportive for me.  
  At 10:30, the doctor came in the room. He explained that the contractions weren't stopping or slowing down in the 2.5 hours I was on the mag and that they were not likely to do so. After talking with the high risk doctor, they both decided that it would be in the baby's best interest to deliver. The baby was not in distress. The major concern was trying to get the labor to stop and possibly putting him in danger and then getting us in an emergency situation. Curt and I agreed. 
   As it just so happened, there were no c-sections scheduled. So, after the decision was made and I had the doctor show me how steady his hands were, I was being wheeled to the OR for my C-section 5 minutes later. This was good...I had no time to think. Curt was told to get suited up and wait. They would call him when they were ready for him to come into the OR. 
He may have had the hardest part...waiting...not knowing what was going on with me. 
   This was new uncharted territory for either of us. My previous 2 deliveries were wonderful... Or as wonderful as deliveries can go. Boy was I in for a different scenario! 
    I have never had any broken bones...not even stitches! So here I was, getting wheeled into a major surgery... While it is very routine, I was still nervous...and scared for my baby. 
  If you have never had a C-section, let me tell you...the OR is cold and the surgery table is LITTLE! Those were the first 2 thoughts in my head. I was afraid I was too big to fit on the surgery table. Is that not the oddest thought?!? Well, turns out, I fit...yay me! The first task was getting my spinal tap, which numbed me from my chest to my toes. Getting the spinal tap was very similar to getting an epidural...sit, curl your back forward, deep breathe in...let it out and you'll feel a bee sting and slight burning. I had only gotten an epidural with my second delivery, but I remembered the drill. As soon as that was in I was laid down right away as it takes effect very quickly...I was already feeling the tingle in my feet and butt was numb soon after. 
  Then the major prepping began...just like on any baby delivery  reality shows...blankets, iodine on my stomach, big blue sheet to hide it all from my eye sight. As soon as this was under way, Curt walked in. He came in at just the right time...because I was starting to get real nervous! 
  There were no mirrors to be able to watch, but I could see the reflection in the big lights overhead. I remember my arms being straight out at secured down. Curt sat on my left side by my head and the NICU team was over to the left in my eyesight ready and waiting to help stabilize my baby. I remember praying for 2 things. 1- my baby would be at least 2 pounds and 2- u would hear him cry. Even if it was only one little cry...I needed to hear it. Shortly after Curt entered, it was go time. I remember watching them through the reflection begin the incision and thinking it was a big incision for such a small baby. 
  Then I had to stop watching and ended up having to have Curt to distract me. I was scared that when cutting into me, the might accidentally cut the baby since there was no amniotic fluid as cushion. I glanced at the reflection again and saw two hands grab my stomach muscles and pull them apart. I remember thinking, "Man, that's gotta hurt....crap, that's me! That is going to hurt!" I had such a disconnect from watching what they were doing and knowing it was me because I thankfully couldn't feel anything. 
  The next thing I remember is seeing the doctor pull out my baby's bottom and then his legs dangling out.  Then, his head came out and I heard it...I heard the sweet blessing sound of my 28 weeker cry. Not once, but twice. As soon as the umblical cord was cut, baby was handed over to the NICU team. Curt followed him and stood watch...being the wonderful protective father...and taking pictures ...being the wonderful husband since I wasn't sure when I would get to see my baby. 
  As soon as he was stable enough to be moved from the OR to the NICU, the nurse bundled him up in a blanket and carried him to my head so I could see his sweet precious face. He seemed so much bigger than I thought he would be...but of course I thought that was my wishful thinking. 
  My son. My miracle baby. My baby that I had fought so hard to keep alive was born. For the first time in this unimaginable journey, my miracle baby and I were separated...and I didn't know how long it would be until we were reunited. 

Stay tuned for the final part of CJ's birth story! 

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