Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring (?) Break Update

     The Spring Breaks that I remember from childhood are nothing like my Spring Breaks as an adult.  For instance, I remember WARM weather...not so much here.  On Monday and Tuesday,  we got so much snow that schools that were in session got a snow day!  SNOW DAY on my SPRING BREAK is the not the definition of cool.  
  Second of all,  I remember Spring Break lasting a lot longer...days and nights seemed endless and the activities to fill them seemed very few and far between.  NOT THE CASE AS AN ADULT!  Almost half of my Spring Break is gone and I have spent it doing so many things I can't even remember...
   It started off with throwing a baby shower for a having surgery, again...not fun...Clayton having soccer fun...reading a new novel and an old novel by one of my favorite 2 hours getting a head light fixed on my car...soooo not fun...and the list goes on and on and on....

  One thing that was fun  was taking Lacey to her 3 year old check up...yes, almost 2 months late, but I had to wait until SPRING BREAK!  She of course was perfect, answering all of the doctor's questions ... showing off a bit.  She is tall for a 3 year old (39 inches = 90th%) and right on target with her weight (31.4 lbs= 50th %).  The doctor told me that she was perfect...tell me something that I don't know, right?  I think that the little miss thought this was more of a spa than doctor's appointment, she was like this most of the time...

   The not so fun part, Clayton had to get THREE shots in his little chicken legs...he handled it so well, but broken this Momma's heart watching his eyes go wide and then tear up.  Luckily, the nurse was super fast and it was over quickly.  
   Super fun is Clayton scoring his first goal of the soccer season at practice this week when scrimmaging!  He helped his team win by scoring the only goal of the whole game, by either teams! 

 He has another soccer practice it is outside...not the slush and not fun!

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