Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Princess Turns 3!

Can you believe it?   This little baby girl.....
...has grown up into a 3 year old!  Where has the time gone!

 Our little princess decided that she wanted a mermaid themed birthday.  On her special day, we turned our house into an under the sea theme and our little princess turned in our little birthday princess mermaid.   We had 'seaweed' paper climbing up the walls and along with these adorable beach themed cupcakes!   The princess blew out a number 3 candle on her sandcastle cake.

 She spent the rest of her party playing with friends and family, opening up gifts, and just being her fabulous princess self!

Dearest Princess Lacey,
        You are the most amazing little girl!  In the past year, you have completely transformed into a full blown princess, as you remind us to call you every day.  You have very specific ideas on EVERYTHING and are now capable in clearly expressing your ideas...somtimes rather loudly.  You can be stubborn and very hard headed, but you are also so very loving!  I feel very blessed every time you decide to give me a hug or kiss for no reason at all.  Your big bear hugs are probably one of the best feelings in the world.  You love being in charge, playing on the ipad, and anything mermaids or princesses.  You say the funniest things and tell the best stories.  You know all of the letters and sounds of the alphabet, can count to 20 all on your own, recite multiple songs and stories verbatum, and your fine motor skills with color are out of this world!  You drew your first stick person with eyes, nose, hair, arms, legs, and a smile and said it was me! Lulu, your laugh is infectious and every where we go, people always stop to look at you and smile with your beautiful face and bright red hair.  You are truly a very stunning little girl, inside and out.  Lacey, you make me a better mom and person every day.  You are a true blessing from God!
    I love you Lulu Bell!
     Love always,
Dear Lacey,
     Here is how I remember your birth...just 3 short years ago...
   On Februar 4th, 3 years ago Coach Harp and I made it through the Crothersville trip without me leaving. We were staring at Indian Creek the next weekend along with a 2 day snow storm 2 days away. I told Linds to grab her shoes we needed Lacey to come soon. We walked all day at the mall. I ate at Johnny Rockets while she rested. Finally got her contractions where we needed them and headed to the hospital. They admitted us. At midnight Gonzaga came on. I was watching the second half when Lindsay water broke and at 2:33 am on February 4th Lacey was born. She came out, they wrapped her up and I held her until they MADE me give her to Lindsay. Happy Birthday Lacey!
I love you!

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