Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Your CO2 Footprint?

Driving into school today, I started looking around at the other drivers and noticed that almost every car had only one person in it. This lead me to beginning wondering about how much Carbon was being released which ultimately got me started thinking about what my CO2 footprint. I went searching and found this online:

After searching many websites, I found this carbon footprint calculator to be most user friendly. It compares your average CO2 foot print to average United States per person. Mine was:

Your Estimated Emissions (1 person household)

United States Average per Person(1 person household)

World Average per Person(1 person household)

It also has excellent easy tips that will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but will ultimately save you money too! A little more money in our pockets isn't a bad thing! Go to their website and calculate your carbon footprint. Leave me a comment and let me know what your CO2 footprint is and any tips for me on how to lower mine! (I know using cloth diapers is an excellent way...but with 2 babies in diapers, I think that I'll just push Big C harder in the potty training department!)

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  1. I did my carbon footprint based on my household of 4...
    My est. emissions: 110
    US ave: 110
    World ave: 22

    We shouldn't drive such large vehicles (2 full size trucks), cut back on diapers (I also have 2 in diapers), and be more efficient about our heating/cooling systems (maybe if I didn't buy so many diapers I could afford new heating/ac!)...