Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Update

An update on our Elf on the Shelf, Joe, antics: 
He learned how to play Purdue's World's Largest Drum one night. 
He brought us Christmas jammies one night and declared it family fun night. We had to go get hot chocolate (STARBUCKS!!) and drive around listening to Christmas music while we looked for Christmas lights.  That's was followed by a nice relaxing movie night to kick off our winter break from school. 

Joe covered the kids' doors in order for them to break out..

CJ thinks they're all crazy and he is making a run for it! 

What do you do when there is no snow but you want to build a snowman? Use toilet paper rolls of course! At least, that's what Joe did! 
He went fishing one day...but we aren't sure what he was fishing for...

He is not liking this weather...wishes it was a little more like the North Pole weather so he went looking for some place colder...and found it! 

...and then decided to turn our milk green while he was in there! 

 There were a few days that he relaxed from his antics to lay around...once was a hammock

Another was when he decided to have a movie night of his own. 

We only have 2 more nights with Joe this Christmas season. It sure has been fun and has definitely made this a: 

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