Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Carvin' Time!

We utilized this BEEE-A-UTIFUL fall day to carve some pumpkins.  While CJ took his nap, the 2 oldest and I of these two was not too thrilled to be pulled away from "football Sunday" to get gross carving pumpkins. Can you guess which one? was him.  His face says it all!
 Lacey on the other hand LOVED getting dirty in the pumpkin "guts." "Mama look!  I'm not scared, I'm BRAVE!"

Oh these two couldn't be more different from one another....

 Lacey concentrated so hard on tracing around her pumpkin in order for me to carve it.  She loves drawing, painting, cutting...she is such the artist!

Once CJ woke up, it was his turn to get dirty with cleaning out his pumpkin....and he dove right in!  I had to hurry to keep him from not eating what he pulled out.  He is fast!

CJ's final result!

Oh my...the looks on their faces....I just love them so!  haha

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