Tuesday, September 9, 2014


When my water broke at 21 weeks pregnant, our world was turned upside down, inside out.  We were told it was ok to have an abortion. We were told that I would most likely go into labor within 48 hours and our baby would not live more than an hour.   

Seven weeks later, our baby was born.  He was born with only a 70% chance of survival.  If he was to survive, he would mostly have serious medical and mental complications.  

Today, that same baby turns 1 year old.  He was perfect the day he was born and he is perfect 1 year later.  

 We lovingly refer to CJ as our miracle baby, but in truth all babies are miracles.  We have been very blessed to receive 3 miracles from God. 

We've spent the last year surrounded by numbers and statics about CJ.  How many days I would reaming pregnant, how many days I was in the hospital without my family, frightened by the samll chance of his survival, obsessing over his weight gains, how much milk he would take, counting the many days...then weeks...then months he remained in the NICU, counting down the minutes that I could hold him when he was so critical and wishing those minutes could last days,..

Today on his birthday, I'm not concerned with any of those typical statics.  I don't really care today how much he weighs, or how long he is....those numbers mean nothing to me today. 

Today, I'm not sad at how big he has gotten or how quickly this past year has flown by...

Today, I feel nothing but joy and peace.  Our family would not be the same without this little miracle baby who has forever changed our lives for the better. 

I know at one point, I'll be concerned with all those numbers again, but today...

Today I enjoy this precious blessing from God.  

We will spend our day with snuggles and cuddles...laughing and tickling...playing with his brother and sister...

And counting our blessing that is this little miracle, CJ. 

We love you! 
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