Saturday, August 25, 2012

If You're Looking...

For a book to read, and you enjoyed The Hunger Games , boy do I have a book for you!   The author, Veronica Roth, is from Chicago and wrote the her first book, Insurgent at the age of 22.  While in college, she preferred to work on her book instead of working on her class assignment.  Her first book, Insurgent, is based on a post apocalyptic era where human nature has almost destroyed one another.  Instead of the human race being divided up into districts as in The Hunger Games, the population is divided into fractions by the different character traits in which they felt people did not posses enough of which ultimately lead to the demise of the world as we currently know it.

In her second book, Divergent, the author dives even deeper into the different character traits of people, and the readers begin to see how people need to posse all of these traits equally in order to live in harmony. However, no good book is without a twist and this book creates a super secret in which the main characters are trying to discover.  I double dog dare you to not fall in love with the main characters, who just so happen to fall in love in the first book and have a difficult path together in the second book.

If you read the first two books and are still wanting me....and have a hard time waiting for her third book n the trilogy, again, like me...Roth as written a short (like 50 pages) essay on a scene from the first book, but through Four's point of view. 

AND...if you are still like me, and you can simply get enough....check out her blog!
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