Friday, July 1, 2011

And the Surprise is....

This morning at 11:30, Big C and Baby C got a was Big C's face thinking about what his surprise could be.

The surprise is a new puppy!!!! Big C loved our new puppy straight away. He automatically felt a sense of responsibility, a need to protect him, and care for him.

Our new puppy, Ace, is a golden retriever and yellow Labrador mix. He is 5 weeks old and as sweet as can be! Ace is a result of a male dog jumping the fence of a neighbor and well....Ace was made! The owners just wanted the dogs to go to a good home instead of having to send them to an animal shelter. We were happy to take one of eight puppies off of their hands!

He has been doing this a lot.....

Ace is so small! I couldn't believe how little he was! I had to take a picture of Ace next to a coffee mug just to document how tiny he is at 5 weeks.

The good news continues...Sampson likes him as well! He is treating Ace very similar to how he treated Big C and Baby C when they first came home. He needs to know where Ace is and keeps an eye on him, but doesn't do too much interacting with him.

However, this little boy has not left Ace's side! He plays with him, makes sure has food and water, pets him, and shows this little puppy so much love and devotion. It makes my heart melt with pride and love!

If you noticed, Baby C is not in any of the pictures. She was the exact opposite of Big C...wanted nothing to do with him. The Diva proves herself once again!

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