Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby C: 9 Month Update

I think that this is the first post in the history of all of my posts that I have not included a picture! The camera cord is still in a box, in the millions of boxes that I have left to unpack. Since we still do have not the kitchen put in....we only have a toaster oven and microwave along with a mini-fridge....everything is still in boxes downstairs. However, Baby C did have her 9 month check up, then a few days later, both she and Big C were back to the doctor's office with croup. Thankfully, they are finally starting to act like themselves again!

Anyways...back to Baby C's 9 month appointment:

  • Baby C is 20lbs, 75%, 29inches, 95%, with a large head in the 90%
  • Baby C is 'talking' like crazy! Lots of 'dadada', 'bababa', 'yayaya' and many screeches to go along with those!
  • She is still recieving only breast milk and nursing since she still does not have any teeth. NOT ONE TOOTH! Oh how I love the toothless smiles and kisses she gives!
  • She can feed herself with finger foods...puffs, bitter biscuits, small pieces of bread, cheerios
  • She eats two containers of baby food in one sitting and puffs
  • Baby C is starting to become more mobile. She will push herself backwards, but would prefer to be in the walker walking around or being carried.
  • She continues to be obsessed with her big brother and everything that he does. She absolutely loves it when he comes to give her hugs and kisses and talks to her. I'm sure there will come a day when she doesn't, but for know I love the way that they interact together.
  • Baby C still has beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous red hair, not much red hair however.
  • Her newest trick is to take off her socks and pull her hat off while laughing at me when I tell her to stop.

Oh how we LOVE our baby girl!!!

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