Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby C Update

How can it be?! Our Baby C is 6 months old today! I guess time flies when you are adorable like she is!

What's happening in the life of Baby C?
  • Weight 17lbs (75%)
  • Height 28inches (95%)
  • Head Circumference...17 (97%)
  • Baby C LOVES to give opened mouth, slobbery kisses while pulling your face towards her....and I LOVE to receive them!
  • Baby C is a nosey baby...always needs to be in the center of things (usually sitting in her bumbo seat)...and constantly looking around grabbing on anything in her reach.
  • Baby C is a total Daddy's girl...every time she hears his voice, she immediately looks for him and gives him the biggest toothless grin imaginable!
  • Baby C is still getting breast milk but eats 2-3 containers of baby food. We have yet to find a baby food that she does not like.
  • She goes to bed at 7:00pm and will sleep until 8:00 or 8:30am if we let her.
  • We are working on sitting independently, but she has A LOT of body to control!

Baby C continues to be a laid back baby....only crying when hungry or needing a diaper change. Her smile just melts our hearts! Big C adores his baby sister, always giving her kisses and making sure that she is well taken care of. Baby C wants to move independently so bad! This has been a little down fall to her learning how to sit on her own. She will do it for a minute, but as soon as she sees something she wants, she lurches for it and tumbles over..however it does not bother her one bit! She still loves to play with her feet which her ultimate goal is to get them in her mouth.

Our little diva is growing by leaps and bounds!

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  1. Oh my Lindsay! Baby C is just plain adorable! I can't believe she is 6 months. I hope school is going well for you, and you all are adjusting to the routine.

    How's the moving?

  2. Thank you for sharing these blog. This baby is looking so cute.
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  3. gorgeous!! i missed seeing that sweet face. i love that she's in the strawberries already. zta here she comes! are we going to get an update on your life soon, i miss that too!